VIVO has exclusively offered this magnificent service to you to enhance your hidden beauty! Eyebrows frame the eyes & are one of the most expressible features of the face. Our VIVO Microblading procedure is an “Instant Facelift” experience. A must do!

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Initial Microblading Procedure: $450

* 2 Hours Includes Numbing, Lining, Shaping & Procedure. The cost of $450 includes one follow up appointment to check on healing and one complimentary touch-up appointment within the first 3 months of the initial procedure.

Microblading & Shading Procedure: $495

*Brow shading technique is a perfect way to give your microbladed brows semi-permanent makeup effect that allows you not to worry about shading them regularly.

Microblading Touch-Up:




Microblading & Shading Touch-Up:




What you should know:

  •   Semi-Permanent to enhance your eyebrows in the most natural way. To add shape & fullness to your current brows!
  •   Lasts 1-2 years.
  •   Most clients report little or no pain! We use a topical anesthetic before the procedure to numb the affected area.
  •   If the client has had the procedure done prior by a different technician a consultation will be required prior to the actual procedure to assess current brows.
  •   Procedure not recommended for clients who are currently pregnant or nursing and or under 18 years of age,  if you have diabetes, glaucoma, skin diseases such as Shingles, psoriasis or eczema on the area of treatment, allergies to makeup, Keloid disorder, HIV/Hepatitis, skin cancer, hemophilia, or if you’re taking skin medications like Roaccutane and steroids. 
  •   Does it look like REAL HAIR? Yes! Because we hand draw every hair stroke, you’ll marvel at this super precise technique.
  •   No more drawing your Eyebrows every morning? YES! Believe it! This treatment transforms people’s lives!
  •   Microblading works on all skin tones and skin type! Call us for a FREE Consultation!

Eyebrows- The frame to your gorgeous face!




Listen to what our guests have to say about VIVO Microblading! 

“After months of contemplating, I finally decided to take the leap and have my brows microbladed. I met Vi at my consultation and she was super sweet and explained the entire process, making sure any questions I had were answered. I left feeling entirely confident in my decision. On the day of my procedure, I arrived early, as suggested, to have the numbing gel applied ahead of time. During this waiting period, they put me in one of the pedicure massage chairs, which I thought was nice. Vi took the time with me to make sure the shape was exactly what I wanted, and never made me feel rushed or guilty for making adjustments. She made suggestions on the color and I trusted her judgment. I am so incredibly happy with the results, and would highly recommend this procedure and Vi to anyone!!”

-Brenna Pattajo Meyer July 22, 2018


“Soooooo voila!!! I got #Microblading & #Microshading done on my eyebrows!!! I have eyebrows… I just wanted them fuller and also getting up to draw them off and sweat them off is a HOT MESS for me! I was never worried until a girlfriend said “Tima you have no tattoos and the first place your getting a needle put to is your face!” I laughed it off but then low-key was getting anxious the night before. (my YouTube and IG feed is now microblade central) I won’t lie and say it was painless cause it id hurt a lil but it wasn’t too bad it was bearable!! It was more the sound that got me but since the area is numbed with topical it was like “this should hurt but it doesn’t… ow okay that hurt” delayed reaction kinda feeling. It’s been a week and its looking GREAT… Once you look past the “scabbing” falling off lol I can see it coming in nice. It’s important to go somewhere you trust the person and they have experience and have been properly trained. Vi @vivodayspa is absolutely amazing with her talent and skills but she actually cared and took time to get the eyebrow drawn how I wanted it… PERFECTO!! Thank you Vi!! I appreciate you Queen! I’ll be back soon… or pop up microblading shop in the DMV :)”

–Fatima Jalloh July 2018

“Absolutely amazing!! The services I had were Microblading and Shading and Lavish Lashes. I love it!!! For it to be my first time Vi was nice and explained the process but also mad sure I was happy with the look before proceeding to start which I was worried for if I didn’t like it but that made me feel good to k ow she cared for what I wanted too. It’s worth the trip from MD to the Spa. I’ll definitely be back.”

-Fatima Jalloh August 2018 

“I could not have asked for a better service! I wanted to have a microblading procedure done and was a little nervous. Vi was so knowledgeable, she suggested  a shape of a brow I might like during our consult, offered multiple color options , and recommended to go with shading/ microblading for my skin type. One of her main concerns was to make sure I get the service that is worth the money I am going to spent.  During an actual appointment she was so patient, she took her time to outline eyebrows until they were perfect, she walked me through every step, and the result was better than I expected. Even though my appointment took longer than planned, Vi took her time until she happy with he work. Right after procedure my brows looked very bright and dark, however after 5 days they peeled and the color was very settled. I am extremely pleased with the result! Vi does the best job by far! Brows are her specialty and it shows! Thank you so much Vi!” –Tatjana B. 1/22/18

“Love love love this place. I had a wonderful facial but the best ever was my lashes and BROWS! Ladies this is the ultimate microbladding experience. It’s amazing trust me you don’t want to go anywhere else. I lovvvvve my brows. I just get up wash my face and go! No more 30 mins brow drawing or uneven brows. Stop buying brow pencils and creams and gels Ladies save time by having your brows done everyday perfect! No worries about sweating them off pools stream rooms rain whatever no worries with microblading. I am a real customer who is here to tell you this is the place. Professional clean and great customer service!  stop reading and book your appt NOW! I promise you will not regret it”  –Tamika Marie S. 5/1/2018

“I had the microblading done and I absolutely love my new brows. Vi and her staff were amazing. She explained the procedure before hand and while she did each step.  There was no down time so I could immediately go out and show off my brows.” -Brandi Farmer 8/9/17

DAY 1 After Procedure: 

I like that there is no recovery time!  I have no pain or swelling. I just place the ointment on and go. It was worth the slight discomfort. I have already gotten compliments from my friends. I wash my face with a wash cloth & do my best not to get them wet. Showering may be an adventure but I can use this as an excuse to soak in my tub. 

DAY 5 After Procedure: 

They look good. The itch from healing and I keep putting ointment on so I won’t scratch them 

-Brandi Farmer, Shepherdstown WV 

I got semi permanent microblading eyebrow enhancement done by Vi at Vivo and I love it! My brows were completely flat before and now have a great shape. I save time every morning by not needing to mess with them at all. 

Also, I have gotten many pedicures done (by vi’s husband) and never had a bad experience! Always great work and excellent customer service.

-Andrea Calamari – Harpers Ferry, WV